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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Space Filler

For now, because I would love to make at least one post per day, I am putting out a call for suggestions!  What do you want to hear about?  What topics interest you, what games do you play, which politicians do you dislike?

Please comment with suggestions as to what things you like to hear/talk about!  Also, if you like my blog, please follow it, refer your friends, tweet me, etc..  MTC

-Because I Make Sense


  1. Find a subject you're passionate about, anything you do in your spare time that you really enjoy.

  2. Kerykeion is right. But you really can't go wrong talking about video games, music or movies.

  3. I love discovering new music. So maybe posting a new artist/song every day would be cool.

  4. I would like some good movie, or tv show, reviews. I like your writing style, I'm sure you'd be good at it.