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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sensible Opening

I made this blog....well....because I make sense. I believe myself an intelligent person, and I am kind of full of myself, so I think I'm right most of the time. To this end, I believe that other people should listen to me when I talk, rant, give advice, etc., and I wanted to give a medium for the public to do so through.

Things that will be talked about in this blog include, but are not limited to: my daily ranting, things I am excited about, video games, miscellaneous tech items that I think are neat, people/things I think are dumb, politics, religion, advice that I think is useful, and things that really grind my gears. I will also occasionally play the devils advocate on issues that I would rather see others' opinions on than spout my own.

Please visit my blog often, and comment on the things that catch your attention! I assure you that I will eventually talk about SOMETHING that will interest you... and of course... enjoy your stay.

-Because I Make Sense