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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boredom Sucks

Okay guys, here's the deal:

I'm bored.

This is bad.  I have WAY too many things I could be doing to just sit around being bored.  I mean, because I could think of nothing to start doing last night, I went and beat Portal!  All the way through!!  Great game btw, for all those who have not played it.

Okay so, the way I see it, I can do something productive and possibly fun, or just fun.  Whichever way I go, I need to be doing SOMETHING!

So, for my own peace of mind, I will start with productive.  Here are some of the things I think I need to do, and are rather time consuming:
  • Learn Adobe Dreamweaver and HTML (XML, CSS, Etc.), so I can redesign this site and make it not look like crap, but also just because I want to
  • Start learning C# or java again, which I've tried before, but usually get distracted
  • Learn Bentley MicroStation, which will be for work, but not necessary
  • Put off Dreamweaver and HTML, and instead work on improving this site through templates and what is available to me on BlogSpot.

Of course, though, are the purely entertaining choices as well!  These will pretty much consist only of video games, but to give a brief history of what I've done lately, I played through Fable III as a good character and beat it, tried to start Fallout: New Vegas, played and beat Assassins Creed: Brotherhood thoroughly, played around with Minecraft again for a bit, and tried to get into survival multi-player (but failed), and started playing EVE again very lightly.  A friend told me he was going to start playing it, so I was like 'Hell yeah!  I'll get back into it!', but he never put time in, so I haven't either.  EVE is a great game though for anyone looking for a good MMORPG.  It has a MASSIVE playable area, all based in space, and is easily the most difficult and learning intensive game I've played...but it's sooo worth it.  Anyway, here are my choices:
  • Fallout: New Vegas - Now I bought this game not too long ago, and I absolutely LOVED Fallout 3, but this time when I tried to get into it, I had trouble.  I just wasn't feeling it.  I think I have to be in a particular mood to play a hardcore RTS like that, but I'm sure I'll love it when I do
  • Another play through of Fable III - I already played it all the way through as a good character, and need to give it a go as an evil one, as per usual with RPGs.  Honestly not sure if I can handle another play through so soon though...
  • Get back into my old corp (guild) in EVE and start playing again
  • Try out and possible play the new MMO coming out, RIFT, which I was invited to play the beta for
  • Try out the new WoW expansion, Cataclysm.  It looks pretty good, and WoW is a very fun game, but I get bored with all the elitism of the end game content.  It isn't a social game so much anymore as it is a piss fight over who has the best gear once you reach the level cap.
  • Join a popular creative server, or get into SMP on Minecraft.
Of course I would also like to hear of more suggestions for  things I can do with my time, both productive and fun!  I'd also like to hear what you guys think I should do to my blog!  I feel like my posts might need some media in them, but don't know if it would make them look too long.  Please leave your suggestions and other various comments below, and if you like what you read, follow me!

-Because I Make Sense


  1. Fallout3 and New vegas are rpg's n___n"
    I vote for fallout!

  2. Boredom truly does suck. play video games :/

  3. I saw this awhile ago: and even though it says for kids, I'm considering trying it as an easy way to learn Ruby. You can never know enough languages, right?

  4. haha you should play lotro. it is easily one of the greatest free games ever

  5. It's called procrastination now.

  6. I vote for fallout, they never disappoint!

  7. Yeah, you should learn those programming languages, but videogames sure sound tempting :P

  8. Good blog man, I wait for next post.

    + followed:)

  9. Loved fallout 3 too, one of my favorite games.

  10. Sounds like you have so good things to do when bored, I normally sleep or clean the house.

  11. I agree with New Vegas. not feeling it yet. I might be put off by the exact same engine... hopefully Elder Scrolls 5 will be what I need.

  12. u should learn u some java, and html5 creative applications. coffed

  13. I've always wanted to learn C#... procrastination ftl -_-
    Will be following! Cheers (;

  14. I vote fallout or WoW. If I had no obligations whatsoever, WoW it would be. Unfortunately, that game destroys my time management skills, so I would probably have to go with fallout.