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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boredom Sucks

Okay guys, here's the deal:

I'm bored.

This is bad.  I have WAY too many things I could be doing to just sit around being bored.  I mean, because I could think of nothing to start doing last night, I went and beat Portal!  All the way through!!  Great game btw, for all those who have not played it.

Okay so, the way I see it, I can do something productive and possibly fun, or just fun.  Whichever way I go, I need to be doing SOMETHING!

So, for my own peace of mind, I will start with productive.  Here are some of the things I think I need to do, and are rather time consuming:
  • Learn Adobe Dreamweaver and HTML (XML, CSS, Etc.), so I can redesign this site and make it not look like crap, but also just because I want to
  • Start learning C# or java again, which I've tried before, but usually get distracted
  • Learn Bentley MicroStation, which will be for work, but not necessary
  • Put off Dreamweaver and HTML, and instead work on improving this site through templates and what is available to me on BlogSpot.

Of course, though, are the purely entertaining choices as well!  These will pretty much consist only of video games, but to give a brief history of what I've done lately, I played through Fable III as a good character and beat it, tried to start Fallout: New Vegas, played and beat Assassins Creed: Brotherhood thoroughly, played around with Minecraft again for a bit, and tried to get into survival multi-player (but failed), and started playing EVE again very lightly.  A friend told me he was going to start playing it, so I was like 'Hell yeah!  I'll get back into it!', but he never put time in, so I haven't either.  EVE is a great game though for anyone looking for a good MMORPG.  It has a MASSIVE playable area, all based in space, and is easily the most difficult and learning intensive game I've played...but it's sooo worth it.  Anyway, here are my choices:
  • Fallout: New Vegas - Now I bought this game not too long ago, and I absolutely LOVED Fallout 3, but this time when I tried to get into it, I had trouble.  I just wasn't feeling it.  I think I have to be in a particular mood to play a hardcore RTS like that, but I'm sure I'll love it when I do
  • Another play through of Fable III - I already played it all the way through as a good character, and need to give it a go as an evil one, as per usual with RPGs.  Honestly not sure if I can handle another play through so soon though...
  • Get back into my old corp (guild) in EVE and start playing again
  • Try out and possible play the new MMO coming out, RIFT, which I was invited to play the beta for
  • Try out the new WoW expansion, Cataclysm.  It looks pretty good, and WoW is a very fun game, but I get bored with all the elitism of the end game content.  It isn't a social game so much anymore as it is a piss fight over who has the best gear once you reach the level cap.
  • Join a popular creative server, or get into SMP on Minecraft.
Of course I would also like to hear of more suggestions for  things I can do with my time, both productive and fun!  I'd also like to hear what you guys think I should do to my blog!  I feel like my posts might need some media in them, but don't know if it would make them look too long.  Please leave your suggestions and other various comments below, and if you like what you read, follow me!

-Because I Make Sense

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Sorry for the lag in updates.

This is going to be an interesting, and probably lengthy post, both to make up for my lack thereof, and because I am in an interesting mood.

First off, if any of you out there have played Minecraft, you are probably well acquainted with the creatures known as creepers.  They are green, have four legs, look sad... and explode when they touch you.  Now they may look sad, but anyone who has ever come across one in the game is likely to hate them with a burning vengeance.  One minute you are there, a lowly n00b in the world of Minecraft.  You have hardly been playing for a couple hours, and have seen these things a few times(or you are a poon and have it on peaceful difficulty), but have steered clear.  Now it is daytime, and, mistakenly, you think you are safe.  You are building your first castle our of cobblestone!  You worked hard, mined forever, finally made a few iron tools, and are building your first masterpiece.  After building up for a while, you move back down to the front.  The door needs to be elegant.  You make the wall double thick!  You put in some windows, put up torches, add a door or two, make a pathway.  You go ALL OUT on this grand entrance.
 It is getting late in the day, and you are just finishing up work on this most grand of accomplishments when you hear a noise you are not familiar with.  sssssssssSSSSSSS.  You get frightened and turn promptly around only to be face to face with one of those green horrors... those weird fuckers that stare at you with that unbelievably morose frown.  A creeper.  Fuck.  You don't even have time to swing.  KA-BLAM!  The blast kills you instantly.  FUCK.  'Whatever, I'll just run back!' you think to yourself.  You then realize that your spawn point is set and you have to search for your castle for half an hour before you finally get to it.
By this time, it is surely night again, as you come upon your castle.  'I'll just throw up some torches!' you exclaim cheerily as you open up your inventory.  Nothing.  FUCK!  'Whatever, I'll go pick up the stuff.'  Wrong again.  Even IF you managed to get back to the spot within the roughly five minute time slot you have to pick up that which you dropped, the majority, if not all of it, would have been destroyed by the blast from the creeper.  FUCK!!!  'Omg, I'm so pissed!'  Hah.  You're in for it now.  As soon as you finish crying over your lost inventory, you look away from the crater in the ground that marks your violent death up to the entrance of your castle.  Yep, THAT entrance.  The one you worked on diligently for half an hour alone until you had it absolutely PERFECT.  It's gone.  Completely.  The close proximity of the creeper blast tore your entrance apart.  FUCK!!!1!111  Ragequit.
 Yep.  That is pretty much what all new players in Minecraft have to go through.  I happens after that as well, but not as often.  Past that though, it is an absolutely WONDERFUL game.  It is still in beta, and it has continuous updates.  It appeals to everyone.  If you are creative, obsessive compulsive, like PvP games, like adventure games, like open ended games, like playing alone, like playing with other people, are hungry, or if your left hand is touching your face, you should try this game!

Moving right along, this is the real subject material of my post today.  Real life creepers.  That kid who never talked to anyone in school, but sniffed girls hair when they weren't looking.  Creeper.  That old guy who ogles you from the other side of the bus.  Creeper.  The person you never actually see because he is always at home glued to his computer, and has no friends except on the internet.  Creeper.  That brings us to the specific example I am complaining about.  Facebook creepers.  The guy who add people that they don't really know.  When you check their friends list, 90% of them are girls, 90% of which he's never met.  If you actually know him, I feel sorry for you.  Even though you either try hard to ignore him, or possibly even hate him (though I don't know why you would have him added then...), he will comment on your profile.  Whether on your new status, your pictures, your friends' comments,  or anything else.  He.  Will.  Comment.  And it will usually be creepy.  'You look really hot in that dress!'  This type of comment particularly creeps you out, but you don't want to do anything about it, because you are actually AFRAID that he might be outside your window.
I have recently come across one such creeper.  As it turns out, that special breed of person doesn't react well to direct confrontation.  Nor do they react well to the truth.  They made a big, creepy problem over me calling them what they are.

Anyone else ever encounter creepers?  Of any kind (yes, even Minecraft).  I want to hear about it!  How would you handle a creeper?  Do you think I did it wrong?  Please leave your comments below!  Tell me all about your creeper experiences, or responses to things I've said.  And of course, if you like this blog, follow me! :D

-Because I Make Sense

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay guys, now I'm usually up on all the latest tech and whatnot, be help me out here... what's the draw of Twitter?

Now, I recently made one, because it's something I should have now right?  I also like to have it so I can suggest my blog from it!  So far, I have very few followers, but I follow quite a few others.  Not people really, but group accounts/companies.  For instance, @StephenAtHome.  That is Stephen Colbert's official blog.  I love that guy, he's fun to listen to, so of course, I would want to follow his twitter!

Now, if anyone else out there uses it for any other reason, or if there's more to Twitter that you don't think I understand, please, comment with your ideas!

Also, if you are an avid Twitter user, and want to follow me, my account is @BcuzIMakeSense.  If you think I'd like to follow you, please tweet me! :D

-Because I Make Sense

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Phases

Anyone else ever get completely STUCK on certain songs?

I don't just mean 'Oh this is a nice song, maybe I'll listen to that band for a while'....I mean STUCK on ONE song.

If you didn't already guess, that happens to me.. more often than I'd like actually.  Sometimes it is a normal song.  Something good in the genre that I like to listen to, or by an artist that I already like, or should like.  For example, No More Sorrow by Linkin Park on the album Minutes to Midnight.  That is a damn good song, and I have had it stuck in my head a few times.

Those songs aren't the problem...  The problem songs are the ones that you would otherwise never listen to.  That weird song you heard on youtube that got stuck in your head... or the one in the flash video that you actually had to look up afterward.  Has anyone ever done this?!  It's terrible!  Then you go driving around in your car BLASTING Satellite by Lena on the Eurovision 2010 contest official album.  FML.  Btw, click the link.  I want you to share my ungodly catchy pain.

-Because I make Sense

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Space Filler

For now, because I would love to make at least one post per day, I am putting out a call for suggestions!  What do you want to hear about?  What topics interest you, what games do you play, which politicians do you dislike?

Please comment with suggestions as to what things you like to hear/talk about!  Also, if you like my blog, please follow it, refer your friends, tweet me, etc..  MTC

-Because I Make Sense

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sensible Opening

I made this blog....well....because I make sense. I believe myself an intelligent person, and I am kind of full of myself, so I think I'm right most of the time. To this end, I believe that other people should listen to me when I talk, rant, give advice, etc., and I wanted to give a medium for the public to do so through.

Things that will be talked about in this blog include, but are not limited to: my daily ranting, things I am excited about, video games, miscellaneous tech items that I think are neat, people/things I think are dumb, politics, religion, advice that I think is useful, and things that really grind my gears. I will also occasionally play the devils advocate on issues that I would rather see others' opinions on than spout my own.

Please visit my blog often, and comment on the things that catch your attention! I assure you that I will eventually talk about SOMETHING that will interest you... and of course... enjoy your stay.

-Because I Make Sense